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July 2022

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Education News
The importance of operators educating their employees and themselves.

Government Relations
The SSA’s legislative team is always working hard to protect you.

Youth Is Served
Younger workers help bring storage industry to new technological heights.

App, App and Away!
Mobile and web apps deliver different options and value for operators, customers.

Gaining Access
Broadband problems notwithstanding, storage reaches customers online.

That’s Entertainment!
StorageBlue founder Alan Mruka left behind a life in Hollywood.

Vegas Is on the Horizon
Here are some details about the SSA Fall Conference & Trade Show in September.

Legal Q&A
What to do if a tenant provides credit card information but never signed the rental agreement.

State Association News

Industry Report

SSA Magazine Advertisers

Data Depot
We take a look at storage trends in the Southwestern Region of the United States.