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August 2020

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Education News
The SSA celebrates 45 years with an online conference in September.

Government Relations
Excerpt from the Self Storage Legal Review on medical marijuana employment termination.


Pandemic Protection
SSA’s in-house policy team leapt to battle stations amid COVID-19 attack.

Meet the Team
Lawyers Joe Doherty and Daniel Bryant comprise the SSA’s in-house legislative department.

Victory at Last
Third time’s a charm for Idaho lien law modernization bill.

Hands-on Advocacy
Rhonda Hallet-Pope learned the ropes in two New England states.

Educating Legislators
NYSSA, Ostroff Associates sway perceptions about storage industry.

COVID Compromise
A fear-fueled Los Angeles ordinance was a solution in search of a problem.

Colorful Controversies
South Florida jurisdictions see red over different issues.

Relationships Matter
Maryland county gets a lesson in implied preemption.

Fall Conference
What you need to know about our online Fall Conference in September.

Legal Q&A
Know your state and local laws.

From SSA News
Here are excerpts from articles that have run on the SSA website.

State Association News

Industry Report

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Data Depot
We look at consumer rental data from our 2020 Self Storage Demand Study.