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May 2020

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Education News
Operators and managers can learn a lot from our Spring Conference Webinar Series.

Government Relations
The SSA is your trusted resource during these uncertain times.

The Perfect Partnership
Know when and how to choose thirdparty management for your storage facility.

Staying Put
Fewer Americans are moving, and that is directly impacting the storage industry.

Clear Channels
Good internal communication is vital no matter what’s in the headlines.

Daily Double
Industry execs have a combined love for self storage and horse racing.

Legal Q&A
What you need to know about accessing late fees and holding lien sales during the pandemic.

SSA News
These two pages reflect how the SSA is constantly updating its website with legislative news, economic updates and other information that directly affect you and your storage business.

State Association News

Industry Report

SSA Magazine Advertisers

Data Depot
We take a look at storage in the Southwest Region of the United States.