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July 2019

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Education News
The importance of learning how to learn about technology.

Government Relations

How technology has impacted lien law notification.

Tech Treasures
SSA vendor members offer a range of tools to help storage facilities thrive.

Office Space

The storage industry finds synergy with trendy coworking.

Calling the Shots
When it comes to new software, customer input and feedback are crucial.

A Fight for His Life
Rare illness gives storage operator AJ Osborne a new perspective on work, family.

A View of Vegas 2019

Here’s an in-depth look at our Fall Conference & Trade Show and our new home at the MGM Grand.

Legal Q&A

Are you allowed to cut a tenant’s lock to replace the unit doors at your facility?

How 2 – DIY 4 U
Make sure you understand the law before towing abandoned vehicles.

From the SSA Blog

State Association News

Industry Report

Advertisers Index

Data Depot

We take a look at storage in the West Region of the United States.