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August 2018

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Education News

You can make a difference by educating yourself on industry legislation.

Legal Review

The Empire State strikes back.

Summits Are a Sure Bet

Economic and Managers summits in Vegas offer new data, insights on customers.


Celebrating Our Successes

In this special section, the SSA details the key players involved in storage legislation, and an overview of how all 50 states are doing in regard to legislation affecting our industry.

Status of the States

Here’s an update on storage legislation, including lien laws, newspaper advertising, online auctions, tenant insurance and more.

The Legislator

im Belanger has served his country and the residents of New Hampshire.

The Candidate

Kansas State Rep. Tom Cox takes pride in representing the issues affecting his community.

The Lobbyists

Paul Matacera and Don Wesely help give a voice to the storage industry.

The State Association

The Colorado Self Storage Association deals with a booming industry.

The Operator

Storage operator Alyssa Quill rolls up her sleeves in Pennsylvania.

Vegas Fall Conference

This special section tells you everything you need to know about our Fall Conference & Trade Show this September at Caesars Palace.

Legal Q&A

Does building a more secure facility create legal problems for operators?

State Association News

Around Self Storage

Data Depot

We look at storage in the South Atlantic region of the United States.