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June 2020

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Education News
This is a great time to get your Certified Self Storage Manager (CSSM) designation.

Government Relations
It’s important for storage operators to know the laws in their respective states during COVID-19.

Land of the Vikings
Denmark and Sweden lead the charge in Nordic self storage.

Overseas Offering
A decade of strong returns increasingly draws foreign investors to the world of storage.

Hot Climate
Guam’s self storage footprint is expanding and evolving.

Word of Mouth
This time-tested strategy is key in driving growth within different demographic groups.

Island Life
Turks and Caicos provides beautiful beaches, good friends, a happy family and even self storage.

Legal Q&A
What to do when a tenant is involved in a criminal investigation.

Self Storage in Asia
Andrew Work provides an update on the Asian storage industry.

From SSA News
Check out some samples of informative articles pertaining to COVID-19 that have run on the SSA website.

State Association News

Industry Report

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Data Depot
We take a look at data from our 2020 Self Storage Demand Study.